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Meet the Pugs

What happens when you throw together some mad ambition, a few guys who absolutely love what they do, and some wicked digital expertise? You get a team that can make any vision a reality. Here's the bedrock of Pug, the machines behind the scenes, the people who make things happen.

Neel Jamie Shah
Co-Founder & Managing Director
+971 (0) 56 915 5515

A lot of people become successful by following the path carved out by our predecessors – go to school, study hard, go to university, study harder, then hopefully get a good job, and keep on climbing. For me, the whole thing just seemed too long-winded and systematic, so at the age of 18 I established my first limited company. If you asked me how I measured success back when I started my career, I would have without a doubt talked about financial reward. However, over the years my life journey has taken me through many ups and downs, and I realised that above and beyond being comfortable in this life, I want to create a brand and a legacy that will outlast me.

From when I first met Adam, we both knew we were going to launch a business. It was just a matter of when. With our combined experience, passion, determination and love of all things pug we're going to make a dent in the industry! I want us to be the ones who revolutionise talent consultancy within the digital space.

Adam Caplin
Co-Founder & Operations Director
+971 (0) 56 134 1313

I’ve always looked up to successful people. While my peers wanted to be spacemen and fire fighters, for as long as I remember, I wanted to start my own business. Knowledge is power, so I knew I had to be patient. Whatever it was that I was meant to do, it would come to me through experience. After helping several agencies set up digital teams, I thought, this is it. All the years of hard work were pointing me in the direction of talent consultancy. I met the right business partner, all the pieces fell into place and Pug was born!

You only get one chance at life. So you need to live it how you want, not how the world tries to tell you to live it. This transcends to Pug – I want to change how people perceive recruiters. I want to make clients see that we’re different. I want our employees to love working for us, and give them the same opportunities that eventually allowed me to succeed on my own.

Pablo the Pug

Joining us a junior intern, Pablo is learning the ropes at Pug and getting to know the recruitment business from the ground up. At the promising age of 6 months (7.5 human years), he’s currently mastering the art of organising his day with the right amount of snoozes to remain productive. He's got FOMO (fear of missing out), so we don't need to worry about him sleeping too much!

Like any good intern, Pablo’s typical workday involves running around like mad, managing patience, stealing snacks, and, of course, learning new tricks. He's already signed a couple clients (true story bro) and is becoming quite the fetcher, handling admin tasks like a boss!

Follow his career growth on social and find out if he’s gonna be a good boy. ;)

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